Service Companies

Service companies are facing several challenges: managing staff and customers, training employees to guarantee an appropriate level of service, providing standardized documents for their customers.

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Staff and customer management

  • GxpManager has capitalized for years on its Single Base application meeting the expectations of companies having to manage projects in Technical Assistance or package: Management of customer relations and projects, from taking the need, to invoicing, including time management and margin management
  • Our application integrates the entire employee journey: recruitment, job offer, employment contract, periodic interviews, training, etc.
  • Commercial and marketing activities are managed, through the management of companies, contacts, commercial actions and marketing campaigns
  • The quality and safety system is integrated: management of procedures, Single Document, authorisations, etc.

Product cycle management for publishers and ESN

  • With its CMDB application , GxpManager offers complete management of the development cycle of an application or product
  • This is a template application that can very quickly be adapted to specific customer needs.

Management of the service and its documentation

  • Thanks to its No Code Low Code platform, service companies can easily industrialize and secure the production of documentation to be provided to their client, focusing on data management and using the powerful document and report generators available for each app
  • For example, here are some Applications made:
    • Management of audits and audit reports for Auditors
    • Training management: training catalog, training planning, certification of trainers, training certificates, training invoicing
    • Management of engineering activities: planning of activities, time sheets, GANTT, resource management, supply of critical project data, etc.

A specific need? We have the application…

we support you in building your application with our No Code / Low Code configurator

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