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The Cloud solution platform to Digitize and Manage your Quality Risk Analysis Manufacturing Supply Chain Inventory Regulatory Laboratory R&D data.

The Compliant Software 
for your Data Management needs






Product Development



QMS-4-SME, a complete solution for Biotechs and startups in quality Management.

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Manage your deviations and CAPAs for continuous improvement.

Change Control

Collaborate and coordinate changes for increase efficiency.


Assure compliance and follow up with regulation requirements.

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Forms Digitilization

GxpForms update your forms to unlimited possibilities.

Audit Management Application - by GxpManager
Audit Management

Manager your internal and external audits easly and simply.

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HSE Management

All your HSE activities are in one single point to collaborate and report.

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Training Management

Records and centralize all activities related to your company's skills management.

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Document Management

Structured Electronic Document Management system.

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Excel Digitization

GxpXL allows you to protect your data while respecting compliance.

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Validation Master Plan

Optimize and control your validation activities and planning.

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Risks Analysis

Manage operational risk tracking, mitigation, evaluation, and monitoring.

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Test & Validation

GxpSVV - Centralize and secure your testing, verification and validation activities.

Laboratories Management

GxpLab - Digitize your data entry sheets with guaranteed data integrity and traceability.

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Analytics & Dashboard

GxpAnalytics - A powerfull dashboard customized with your KPIs.

GxpManager Platform's Native Functionalities

The GxpManager platform is agile and complies with all business processes in industries with strong regulatory constraints.

Information is facilitated and secured to enable data management through powerful functions.

Complies with 21 CFR part 11 of the FDA, Annex 11 of the EU, ISO, GMP,…

SaaS Architecture (Cloud) with data hosted in a couple of trusted sovereign data centers based in France and certified HDS Tier 3 with ISO 27001 certification.

About Us

Software publisher since 2003, GxpManager offers a No Code Low Code solution in SaaS architecture for companies who need to process and manage critical data, such as in the life sciences, chemistry, food and beverage sectors…

Develop without programming

The goal is to develop applications without programming that meet all the requirements around critical data digitization in the company. Critical data can be inspected at any time by customers, regulatory bodies or normative authorities.

GxpManager est certifié ISO 9001:2015

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Apave Certification ISO9001


100% secured

Datacenters located in France.
HDS and ISO 27001 certified


Various level of licences on annual subscription, renewable.

Rapid & Easy

Fast implementation with No Code Low Code deployment.


Ensure regulatory compliance: FDA 21 CFR part 11, GMP appendix 11, and more.

Client Testimonials

“The use of GxpManager for our inventory management application brings us both full compliance with regulations and also flexibility and ease of use for users. The rigorous work of the GxpManager development team and the quality of the work provided allowed us to properly understand the validation of our application..”
Visual representing the Sanofi logo in a shaded white circle
Applications Inventory of equipment to be qualified and Laboratory Transfer Management – SANOFI R&D – QA Department
“In order to continue its digital expansion on construction sites, Arkema’s Technical Department has chosen the GxpManager solution to centralize safety prevention data entries. The application, which has been custom-configured and renamed Gx-Prevention at Arkema, now provides a real-time view of safety events and supplier co-activity. For this project, the GxpManager teams demonstrated their seriousness and great responsiveness. ”
Visual representing the Arkema logo in a shaded white circle
Arkema Technical Department – Service Engineering, Construction & Project Control (EC&PC)
“The digitalization of our quality processes is a major stake in the management and improvement of our field operations. The speed of implementation of an adapted solution with GxpManager was an essential point in our choice of partner. The application offers great customization opportunities and can be adapted to projects of any size. In addition, the commitment and availability of the GxpManager teams was a strong point that allowed us to achieve a custom project that met our expectations.”
Visuel représentant le logo de Danone Nutricia dans un cercle blanc ombré
Danone Nutricia – Marion MARGUERITTE – Quality Engineer