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Digitalization in the Cosmetic Industry: Enhancing Quality and Compliance with GxpManager

The digitalization of companies in the cosmetics sector is becoming essential for increasing productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance.

manufacture of cosmetic products compliant with regulatory standards

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The cosmetic sector is undergoing a significant transformation driven by societal changes and stringent regulatory requirements. In this evolving landscape, companies seek solutions to enhance quality, traceability, and the digitalization of their processes. GxpManager emerges as a key player in addressing these challenges, offering an innovative platform that facilitates compliance and optimizes productivity.

Challenges in the Cosmetic Industry

Environmental Challenges

The cosmetic industry faces significant challenges, particularly regarding sustainability and environmental impact. Companies in this sector are increasingly committed to making their products more eco-friendly and being transparent about ingredients and sourcing. By 2025, these companies will need to meet the ambitious goal of zero deforestation related to raw material sourcing, as mandated by European regulations. Additionally, the ban on perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as “forever chemicals,” will take effect in 2026, forcing the industry to find more sustainable alternatives. Looking further ahead, by 2040, companies will need to eliminate plastic packaging from their products entirely.

Regulatory Compliance

Beyond environmental concerns, the cosmetic sector must also tackle regulatory compliance challenges. Transparency about product origins and ingredients is crucial to meet the increasingly stringent demands of consumers and new regulations, such as the MoCRA regulation in the United States and the CSAR regulation in China. These changes require companies to revise their manufacturing and labelling processes deeply.

Productivity and Competitiveness

Lastly, productivity and competitiveness represent a third major challenge for the cosmetic industry. Reducing time-to-market, improving productivity, and lowering energy and raw material costs are priorities for brands to remain competitive in an increasingly demanding environment.

Faced with these multiple challenges, the cosmetic industry must profoundly rethink its development model to adapt to new consumer expectations and constantly evolving regulations while preserving its long-term competitiveness.

Benefits of Digitalization

GxpManager offers a comprehensive digitalization solution that addresses these challenges and provides numerous benefits.


In terms of compliance, data integrity, traceability, and security are ensured through automated workflows, electronic signatures, and rigorous audits. Additionally, data is hosted in ISO 27001-certified datacenters, guaranteeing security and compliance with international standards.


Productivity is significantly enhanced through digitalization, with a time saving of over 40% by eliminating manual and paper-based processes. This transformation reduces the risk of human error, contributing to greater operational efficiency.


The centralization of data facilitates collaborative work within the company. Teams can access customized dashboards and track key performance indicators, improving transparency and decision-making.

Quality Management

Regarding quality management, GxpManager enables rigorous tracking of non-conformities, complaints, deviations, product recalls, internal and external audits, as well as supplier and subcontractor evaluations.

Inventory Management

It is also optimized, allowing for better planning and stricter control.

GxpManager stands out for its ability to offer customized and efficient solutions tailored to each company’s specific needs. This ensures overall process improvement and increased compliance with current regulations.

Use Case – Master Data Management

A concrete example of GxpManager’s application is the digitalization of Master Data Management (MDM) processes for a client burdened with extensive management of Excel and paper documents. The solution provided:

  • Centralization and traceability of data.
  • Reduction in storage and printing costs.
  • Facilitated audit management through improved traceability and customized reports.
  • Personalization and Flexibility.

GxpManager is a No-Code/Low-Code solution, adaptable to the specific needs of each company, whether it be large corporations like Merck or small biotech firms. The implementation process is quick and does not require development skills from the users.

Use Case – Master Data Management

With the constant tightening of international and national regulations, the production of product labelling and packaging now requires collaborative work across various departments within companies. Marketing, regulatory, production, quality, and legal validation teams must work together to ensure that all elements of the packaging (text, graphics, legal information, etc.) comply with current requirements.

For one of its clients, GxpManager implemented a process for managing and controlling the workflow for verifying and approving artworks, from the initial design drafts to the final approval click for the “proof to print” (PTP). This digitalized workflow allows all concerned departments to provide feedback and approval at each stage, centralizing all elements on a single dedicated platform. This process has saved nearly 20% of the time required for the final approval of packaging items, avoiding back-and-forth exchanges and information loss.

This digital and collaborative solution offers several substantial benefits:

  • Improved compliance with regulation
  • Significant reduction in validation timelines.
  • Increased traceability of the proces
  • Stronger involvement of all business stakeholder
  • Optimization and safeguarding of the crucial product packaging development and validation phases.


The cosmetic industry, facing environmental, regulatory, and productivity challenges, finds a comprehensive and effective digitalization solution in GxpManager.

GxpManager helps companies tackle these challenges while optimizing their internal processes by ensuring compliance, enhancing productivity, and facilitating collaboration. With its flexibility and customization capabilities, GxpManager positions itself as an essential partner for companies aiming to remain competitive in a constantly evolving environment.


The implementation can be rapid. A simple solution can take from ten days to a month, depending on your availability and the complexity of your processes.

The cost depends on the number of users and licenses needed, as well as the options chosen for the platform (such as risk analysis, audit management, quality management system, etc.). Each user has a predefined role, and access is adjusted based on specific needs. [Subscription Link]

Yes, the platform is customizable, and we can adapt the terms according to your specific needs.

The platform is pre-qualified, and the applications are tested. During application customization, we conduct additional validation tests by users. We provide qualification documentation to facilitate the internal validation of the application for its final use by the users, thus reducing the validation effort required.

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