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Software publisher since 2003 GxpManager offers a No Code Low Code solution in SaaS architecture (i.e. in the Cloud) for companies who need to process critical data such as in the pharmaceutical sector (…).

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Develop without programming

The goal is to develop applications, without programming, that meet all the requirements around the critical data digitization in the company: electronic signature, audit trail (i.e. the traceability of captured data in the solution), access management, data uniqueness, workflow, data and documents secure storage, infrastructure and applications validation. Critical data can be inspected at any time by customers, regulatory bodies or normative authorities, such as the ANSM in France, the FDA in the USA for the health sector in order to ensure the data uniqueness and integrity.

GxpManager innovates with its No Code Low Code solution

Jérôme Tomaselli, president of GxpManager, explains the challenges of digital transformation and the advantages of using the GxpManager platform during the program LE GRAND ENTRETIEN presented by Michel Denisot on B SMART TV channel.

GxpManager In Numbers

+ than 20 apps

Ready to use or from an application model.

+ 1000 projects

made with the GxpManager platform

+ 5000 licenses

sold since 2003

+ 25 years of expertise

Life Sciences, regulated sectors, medical devices, services, industries…

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Digitize critical data in a secure and compliant way

GxpManager offers medical device manufacturers a digitization platform based on a Low Code No Code concept to meet regulatory requirements for the integrity and traceability of critical data…

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Swiss Biotech Day Exhibition

This April 24th and 25th, the Swiss Biotech Day exhibition, Organized by the Swiss Biotech Association (SBA), was held.

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A reinforced collaboration: COLCA MS

GxpManager has recently signed with Colca MS and implemented its QMS-4-SME solution for a compliant Quality Management System.

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GxpManager is certified ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the standard for Quality Management. The ISO 9001 certification consists of providing proof that a continuous improvement system has been implemented within the company.

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Forum Labo Paris

From March 28th to the 30th, the Forum Labo Paris exhibition took place.

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Global Industrie exhibition Lyon

On November 29th and 30th, 2022, the 18th edition of the international business meetings of the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Petrochemical industries happened at the Espace Tête d'Or in Lyon.

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