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The No Code Low Code platform from GxpManager

A No Code Low Code platform built on SaaS architecture to simplify your data management with full compliance, security, and simplicity.

Focus on your business; GxpManager takes care of your data!  

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GxpManager, a compliant platform for critical data management

The GxpManager plateform is :

  • 90% No Code :
    for simplified implementation
  • 10% Low code:
    for fast and easy customization
Inforgraph showing an 80% reduction in IT management

Reduced IT management.

No Code Low Code = No bugs!

No Code Simplicity

No Code provides the opportunity to develop applications quickly and efficiently without spending months creating complex specifications.

  • Significantly reduce development timelines and encourage active user participation in the creation of their applications.Réduisez considérablement les délais de développement et favorise la participation active des utilisateurs dans la création de leurs applications.

Low Code Empowerment

Need advanced features or precise customization? Low Code is here to meet your specific requirements. GxpManager offers exceptional flexibility, allowing you to add features without compromising the platform’s simplicity.

  • Enjoy rapid application customization explicitly tailored to your processes and featuring bespoke functionality not already included in native features.

Agility and Speed

Say goodbye to never-ending projects. No Code Low Code enables real-time application creation. Users work directly in prototyping mode, immediately visualizing the appearance and functionality of the application.

  • It takes a day to configure a simple application.
  • It takes one month to develop a complex application.


Regulations are constantly evolving, and you must adapt quickly. Your processes evolve, or your digitalization needs expand, GxpManager adapts and grows with you. GxpManager uses Tableau, a leader in data analysis.

  • GxpManager is designed to seamlessly adapt and evolve in perfect harmony with your needs and growth.

Dashboard / Business Intelligence

The platform integrates powerful Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities to gather data and provide key performance indicators, allowing you to track your activities at a glance. GxpManager uses Tableau, a leader in data analysis.

  • Save time on your activity reports with graphical performance indicators and make informed decisions.


The security of your data is paramount. That’s why GxpManager emphasizes data protection. Your data is secured using advanced security measures that comply with the strictest standards.

  • Sovereign data centers in France, compliance with French and international regulatory standards. GxpManager takes care of your data.

Native Features

Icon representing an eye with the validation symbol

Audit Trail

Tracking changes to ensure integrity and consistency of data that is subject to standard rules and regulations.

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Electronic Signature

Guarantees registration integrity, author identification and forbid any change to the signed element.S

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Traceability Matrices

You can define matrix for traceability (simple or star shaped) with a data overall vision (specifications, tests, regulations… coverage).

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Automatic Publishing of Reports

Create, automatically publish and record personalized reports.

Icon representing a cycle


Monitoring levels of approval for data or test implementation made easier.

GxpAnalytics icon


With GxpAnalytics you can visualize your KPIs and generate standardized reports in just a few seconds.

Icon representing a 360 degree view

360° View

Allow to obtain an immediate visualization of the chain of links associated with a record (links in all directions).

Icon representing duplication symbols


Automated versionning guarantees information stability in a sustainable manner by keeping a history of former versions.

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You can build or insert complex calculation formulas (duration, standard deviation, averages, progress, any value from other fields…).

You are convinced by the GxpManager LCAP? Want to know more ?

Make everyday work easier

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GxpAnalytics allows site managers to visualize key construction site safety KPIs and extract standardized reports in just seconds…

use case

Computerized system inventory management

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