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For simple GDPR compliance, our GDPR software is a ready-to-use solution that can adapt to any company size and integrate with other tools and applications.

Woman using RDPR application by GxpManager

Forget spreadsheets and paperwork

Our app aims to simplify the daily tasks of data protection officers (DPOs) and data processing managers by automating GDPR compliance management.

Managing the registry of processed data collection

Keeping a register is a legal obligation provided for in Article 30 of the GDPR.

Consult the CNIL website

Tracking requests for the exercise of individuals' rights

Every company must enable individuals to exercise their rights regarding their personal data

Consult the CNIL website

Management of GDPR risk analysis

The CNIL requires, for certain processing activities, a data protection impact assessment.

Consult the CNIL website

Save time

  • Thanks to automated and optimized processes, you can simplify the management of your register of processing activities, tracking requests, and risk analyses
  • Facilitate collaboration among different stakeholders.
  • Minimize human errors
  • Focus on tasks with higher added value.

Secure the collected data

GxpManager ensures the security of data.

  • Our data centers are highly secure, located in France, and independent of the US Cloud Act.
  • GxpManager automates and manages updates, backups, restores, and archiving.
  • Your data is accessible online 24/7.
  • Data integrity is guaranteed; a data encryption system ensures the encryption of stored data.

Ensure your regulatory compliance with GDPR

To learn everything about what constitutes personal data, best practices for compliance, and the potential sanctions, consult our article.

Management of the register of processing activities

  • Manage your processing activities and define for each one:
  • The collected data
  • The legal basis
  • The purpose
  • The individuals concerned
  • The origin of the collection
  • Recipients internally and externally
  • Storage location
  • Duration of retention

Below is a preview of the processing activity editing form

All of our applications are adaptable to your specific needs

Native features of GxpManager applications

FDA 21 CFR part 11

Icon representing an eye with the validation symbol

Audit Trail

Tracking changes to ensure integrity and consistency of data that is subject to standard rules and regulations.

Signing pen icon

Electronic Signature

Guarantees registration integrity, author identification and forbid any change to the signed element.S

Icon representing a cycle


Monitoring levels of approval for data or test implementation made easier.

Icon representing duplication symbols


Automated versionning guarantees information stability in a sustainable manner by keeping a history of former versions.

Icon representing an acces

Access Management

You can create a profile for each user or group of users according to their access rights for features, databases, reading, writing, deleting or implementation.

Icone représentant un trombone pour la pièce jointe


It is possible to create links to outside files or incorporate attachments (image, document…) directly as recordings.

Icon representing the basic calculation signs

Calculation Fields

You can build or insert complex calculation formulas (duration, standard deviation, averages, progress, any value from other fields…).

Icon representing a 360 degree view

360° View

Allow to obtain an immediate visualization of the chain of links associated with a record (links in all directions).

Icon representing an envelope with a bell

Email Notifications

Share information by using your electronic mail (Microsoft Outlook© or other) with email attachments.

Diagram icon


You can create and view numerous types of graphic reprezentations for analysing your data in real time, including calculation formulas

Icon representing a sheet with a grid/table

Traceability Matrices

You can define matrix for traceability (simple or star shaped) with a data overall vision (specifications, tests, regulations… coverage).

Magic wand icon

Automatic Publishing of Reports

Create, automatically publish and record personalized reports.

Icon representing two arrows facing each other, import/export

Import and Export In One Click

Import data (and the links between data). Export your data in MS Excel®, MS Word® or MS Project®.

GxpManager Platform:
The Power of No Code, Low Code

As a software editor since 2003, GxpManager leverages its business applications. We offer application models that can quickly adapt to your needs, and we also provide bespoke solutions.

GxpManager is a no-code, low-code application platform on an annual subscription basis. NCLC allows the creation of applications without programming, thereby reducing the validation burden for generated applications.





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