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GxpManager works with various Institutional and associations to support its development and share its expertise.

Visual representing hands pushing puzzle pieces onto the center of a table
Visual representing the logos of investor partners: Alto and Eiffel

Alto Invest from Eiffel Investment Group assists since 10 years GxpManager in its development.

Institutional & Associations

Logo Bpi France

Bpifrance has, in 2016, recognised GxpManager “société d’excellence” and has chosen to assists it internationalisation and the design of a new web interface by submitting to our capital.

Logo sfstp

GxpManager a premium member by its president Jérôme Tomaselli. SFSTP has for purpose to gather all professional in the health industry in France

ISPE France

ISPE France gather professional from the health industries, equipment suppliers and engineering companies. The diversity of its members reinforce the value and the relevance of the shared experiences and discussions.

Pharma Logistic Club logo
Pharma Logistics Club

Le Pharma Logistics Club (PLC) aims to bring together the various stakeholders in the transport and logistics of healthcare products, often from different backgrounds. PLC encourages free trade, mutual learning and puts forward innovative projects.


GxpManager patron of the Amacordes association.

Intergenerational orchestra of more than 60 amateur musicians from all social categories, which meets with ever-renewed passion and enthusiasm. This orchestra aims to democratize classical music, by organizing nearly 10 concerts a year in Lyon and its metropolis, to meet new audiences. Each concert is organized in partnership with talented professional soloists, ensuring a high musical standard, in renewed concert formats accessible to all.