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Cosmetics & Dermatology

Enhance your production by digitizing your business processes and data. Reduce time-to-market by 25% through comprehensive data traceability and effective quality management.

cosmetics & dermatology sector

Strict Regulatory Compliance - Cosmetic GMPs

Players in the cosmetics industry require data management systems to adhere to current regulations, particularly to ensure the quality, safety, and compliance of their data.

ISO 22716, which establishes guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) specific to the cosmetics industry (manufacturing, packaging, storage, and distribution), is a cornerstone of these regulations. It mandates that cosmetic manufacturers implement rigorous procedures to ensure the purity, stability, and hygiene of products throughout their lifecycle.

Digitize data collection, management, and analysis:

  • Ensure traceability (Audit trail)
  • Real-time compliance with regulatory standards
  • Minimize risks and prevent penalties
  • Accessible and up-to-date documentation
  • Reduce human errors
  • Immediately available reports
  • Reduction in non-compliance and claims
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A compliant, efficient, and auditable Quality Management System

Expand your business by streamlining processes with a guarantee of compliance.

Compliance management and process optimization

Optimize your business processes with a user-friendly QMS that fosters a team spirit on a unified platform.

  • Traceability/Audit trail
  • Data centralization on a single platform
  • User management and access
  • Customizable workflows and electronic signature

Optimize your production with a high-performance QMS

A centralized Quality Management System that enhances productivity, reduces costs, and boosts internal and external satisfaction

  • Simple and fast implementation, customizable to your needs
  • Time savings in quality action management
  • An average 50% reduction in non-compliance through data and process centralization on a single platform
  • Real-time monitoring of actions and tasks to be performed

Ensure the health and safety of your employees and protect your organization

Organizations often struggle to have real-time visibility into employee health and safety data due to manual or fragmented processes, making it challenging to identify areas of risk and implement effective controls swiftly. This situation can lead to safety incidents that may result in compliance issues, reputational damage, operational inefficiencies, and increased insurance premium costs.

  • Overcome the challenges of managing employee health and safety with a single platform.

Real-time data can help prioritize high-risk areas and enhance health and safety programs.

GxpHSE: Improve employee health and safety performance by using easily accessible reports and efficient data management, communication, and analysis. And stay in compliance with regulatory standards.

Artworks / Labeling

Managing labels, packaging items, and advertisements is a resource-intensive process, especially when dealing with international aspects.

Artworks by GxpManager simplifies collaboration across all projects and departments up to final approval when needed.

  • Centralizing decisions on a single platform for artwork management streamlines and expedites the validation process for packaging items and advertisements.

Our business applications for players in the cosmetics industry

Bespoke or ready-to-use, our applications meet the needs of laboratories and cosmetics manufacturers. Our solutions can be coupled with your existing tools to boost productivity tenfold!

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How to build and implement an eQMS: efficiency, compliance and data integrity

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Use cases
Custom application development for equipment and process qualifications/validation

The custom application's configuration took only 12 days. It allows for the planning and tracking of equipment, as well as manufacturing process qualification and validation activities.

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Whether you are a SME, a startup, a laboratory, a research and development center... our team is here to support you in transitioning.

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