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Arkema Technical Department – Service Engineering, Construction & Project Control (EC&PC).


Gx-Prévention is an application for real-time management of safety events and safety prevention, and for co-activities with suppliers, on local and international sites.

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Arkema is a French chemical company, specializing in specialty chemicals and performance materials. Its headquarters are located in Colombes in the Hauts-de-Seine region of France. The Arkema group was created following the reorganization of the Total group’s chemicals branch in October 2004.

With its unique expertise in materials science, Arkema is shaping the material to meet the accelerating demand for innovative and sustainable materials. The Group is driven by the challenges of new energies, new technologies, resource scarcity, mobility and increasing urbanization.

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In order to continue its digital expansion on construction sites, Arkema’s Technical Department has chosen the GxpManager solution to centralize safety prevention data entries. The application, which has been custom-configured and renamed Gx-Prevention at Arkema, now provides a real-time view of safety events and supplier co-activity. In addition, a comprehensive dashboard, created with GxpAnalytics, allows site foremans to view key safety KPIs for the construction site and extract standardized reports in just a few seconds.

The application has now become a standard for the Technical Department with numerous construction sites in Europe and Asia. It has saved time for our teams and improved the traceability of information.

Thanks to its agility and ease of programming, the GxpManager solution allows us to adapt to our needs in the field while keeping up with the evolution of our reference systems.

For this project, the GxpManager teams demonstrated their seriousness and great responsiveness.

Arkema Technical Department – Service Engineering, Construction & Project Control (EC&PC)