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Stop manual methods, digitize the management of your operations, and increase profitability and compliance with an agile supply chain.

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Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency through Agile Transport Management

The supply chain management and, more broadly, the transportation sector continues to become more complex: evolving regulations, ecological challenges, increased risks associated with the globalization of the supply chain, technological advancements, etc. Today’s businesses require agile management solutions to optimize logistics and transportation while adhering to regulatory standards to remain competitive.

Heightened Regulations, Political, and Ecological Concerns

Governments and regulatory bodies impose increasingly stringent standards regarding product quality, safety, and sustainability (ISO9001, IFS, etc.). Corporate social responsibility and reducing carbon footprint add an additional layer of complexity by demanding sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.


  • Ensure regulatory compliance of activities and products: this requires quality tools ensuring traceability and data integrity.
  • Agile solution capable of adapting to the constant changes in regulations
photo of a transport truck loaded using a supply chain management application

Risk Management

Transporters face many threats such as supply chain disruptions (natural disasters, logistical issues, pandemics, geopolitical problems), cyberattacks, and product quality issues.


  • Risk management plans tailored to these potential threats.
  • Secure data storage

Technological Advancements

The evolution of technologies has led to the development of more efficient Logistics Information Systems (WPS, TMS, ERP, APS) compared to manual methods. This compels every transporter to enter the digital transformation era to remain competitive by optimizing their supply chain and warehouse management.


  • Agile solutions in managing and optimizing the logistics chain to save time while ensuring information integrity and traceability
  • Warehouse management tools
photo of a man wearing a hard hat looking at a tablet with a warehouse management application

Stop manual methods, and digitize your business processes with GxpManager applications

Our business applications for transporters

Bespoke or ready-to-use, our applications meet the needs of highly regulated sectors. Our solutions can be coupled with your existing tools to boost productivity tenfold!

Benefits of GxpManager’s application Solutions

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Regulatory Compliance

Manage all your compliance-related documentation using digitized processes. Adhere to the legal standards of your industry or that of your clients.
GxpManager stands out by offering applications that meet the requirements of highly regulated sectors (pharmaceuticals, healthcare, cosmetics, food, etc.)

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Our applications evolve with your business. Whether it’s for your company’s growth or to adapt to new regulations, GxpManager solutions adjust to your needs. Stay competitive in an ever-evolving sector.

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Security and Integrity of Your Data

GxpManager ensures the security and integrity of your data. There’s no need to invest in specific IT infrastructure; we take care of everything! All applications are hosted within the highly secure GxpManager infrastructure. With GxpManager subscriptions, we handle data backups and application updates for you.

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With its No-Code Low-Code compliant application platform, GxpManager offers the ability to develop applications quickly without spending months on elaborate specifications. A simple application can be configured in a day, while a complex application might take around a month.

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