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Manufacturers must guarantee the quality of their products, the safety of their personnel or the safety of their facilities (…)

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All companies are seeing their regulatory and normative constraints of all kinds develop: Social and Environmental Responsibility, Health and Safety, GDPR, CSE, etc. For the food industry, hygiene is also a major concern and companies must meet the requirements of Food Safety Management system such as HACCP VCCP or TACCP. This results in having to set up quality management systems for quality, safety, health or the environment that comply with normative or regulatory requirements (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22001, etc.).

Consequently, it is necessary for the companies to describe their critical processes and demonstrate that they are mastered over time, demonstrate the reliability of the information provided and keep documented and approved proof of compliance with regulatory and normative requirements over time.

GxpManager meets these requirements perfectly: thanks to its No Code Low Code platform to generate applications in a few clicks to manage critical data, digitize you at high speed and eradicate paper documents and Excel sheets! Compliance is ensured with a single platform!

What company today is not overwhelmed by an increasing mass of paper or Excel forms to manage!

GxpManager accelerates compliance and guarantees compliance

  • Too much critical data is still recorded, stored and approved in paper documents or Excel sheets. This does not make it possible to guarantee the integrity of the data, in terms of uniqueness, timestamp, signature, storage and traceability of modifications.
  • Companies are therefore faced with having to quickly digitize a very large volume of paper forms or transform Excel forms into compliant applications. The No Code Low code GxpManager platform perfectly meets these expectations by allowing these forms to be digitized quickly and in full compliance.

GxpManager allows you to switch from the era of the document to data

  • The digitization of documents makes it possible to immediately have usable data and no longer buried in hundreds of documents. With its Oracle database supporting the forms of GxpManager applications, the data becomes usable immediately and simply
  • Documents, reports, statistical analyses, traceability matrices, key indicators are produced from the data recorded in the GxpManager applications: saving precious time, uniqueness of the data. Engineers focus on critical data rather than doing layout…
  • With GxpAnalytics, all data from all departments can be used immediately thanks to the most powerful BI tool on the market!

GxpManager's Life Sciences business experts save you valuable time

  • Since 2003, GxpManager has been capitalizing on its business applications, this translates into a perfect understanding of the regulatory and business issues of our customers.
  • By capitalizing on business projects, GxpManager further accelerates the realization of your projects, by offering you application models that you just have to quickly adapt to your needs: Quality management, Audit management, training, validation, digitization of forms, etc.
  • For example, here are some Applications made:
    • Management of audits and audit reports for Auditors
    • Training management: training catalog, training planning, certification of trainers, training certificates, training invoicing

Management of engineering activities: planning of activities, time sheets, GANTT, resource management, supply of critical project data, etc.

A specific need? We have the application…

we support you in building your application with our No Code / Low Code configurator

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