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The GxpXL custom application allows you to protect your data and ensures compliance and agility for your projects by transposing classic files (Excel, Word, Lotus Notes, Visual Basic©…). 

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Your needs
  • A robust, collaborative and productive application
  • 100% compliance : easier inspections
  • Data protection
  • Reinforced traceability
  • Tools for analysing and reporting
Our solutions
  • Secured concurrent accessed
  • Recovery of all your application formats and data
  • Functions that comply with requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, for traceability, reporting and analysis
  • High capacity for storage and data processing
  • Flexible and scalable configuration

Let's build your application together

Thanks to its NO Code / Low Code platform, the GxpXL application adapts perfectly to your business specifications.

Why choose a specific application

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100% secure

Servers located in France.
ISO27001:2013 Certified Data Centers

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We build your application with you

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Unlimited adaptation possibilities

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Ensure regulatory compliance and data security

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