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Experts To Support You Throughout Your Projects

In order to take full advantage of the GxpManager platform, our team of experts is here to help you.

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Training, advice, configuration...


Our training teams are there to help you at any time in your experience as a user; when dealing with application delivery, entering new workers into the system, for advanced training…
Our Trainers can travel to you anywhere in France and abroad, they are qualified to teach both in French and in English; alternatively, training courses are available at our centre in Lyon.
On-line training sessions are also an option for you.

Compliant Testing Agency

For computer testing, we suggest you use the powerful GxpManager tool in association with our dedicated and organized test teams who can help you either in our service centers, in your company or directly on GxpManager.
Our testing teams are dedicated to optimizing your costs and help you gain in flexibility.


Our consultants propose a tailor-made personalization service: rights and profiles, dashboards, traceability matrix, workflows, automatic reports publishing …Your application is up and running immediately and tailored to suit to your work procedure.
At any time, they can help you make your GxpManager application progress so as to ensure compliance with all new rules and regulations and any new stakes your company may have.

Cloud Pharma

Our IT and renowned computer system validation experts will take charge of migrating your applications to new versions and ensure computer system qualification.
Then all you will have left to do is make the most of the latest software changes and improvements and work in a more efficient, safer & faster way.


Our experts are there to advise you so as to optimize configuration of your application, giving you a tool that meets your needs in the long term. Our trainers have both business and IT skills, they will be able to suggest configuration modules to optimize your procedures and help you work safely, in a way that is both more efficient and easier.

You will thus gain in expertise and speed up projects.

Regulatory Monitoring

Our regulatory database monitoring platform covers over 1,800 international laws and regulations.

You will be able to take advantage of a personalized monitoring system ensuring that you remain up to date with all the rules and regulations linked to your line of work and markets.


Can you imagine a solution which helps you to save time on a daily basis while meeting all the very latest regulatory demands and accelerating time-to-market?

Our development team provides solutions to make the application you dream of become a reality (scripts, custom applications…).