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GxpManager Joins PMT Innovation to Drive Digital Transformation in Healthcare and Aerospace Industries

We’re thrilled to announce that GxpManager has officially become a member of PMT Innovation, a competitiveness hub recognized by the French government since 2005. This membership marks a significant step in our commitment to innovation and the development of our company.

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What is PMT Innovation?

PMT Innovation is a State-labeled Competitiveness Cluster established in 2005, under an Association Law 1901. Its primary objective? To catalyze innovation and accelerate the growth of industrial enterprises in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

With a budget of 1.8 million euros in 2022, evenly split between public and private contributions (50% each), PMT Innovation provides daily support to over 240 industrial members. These companies, specializing in advanced subcontracting or focusing on high-value-added products, benefit from tailored support for their development.

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PMT Health: Focusing on Medical Innovation

PMT Innovation plays a crucial role in the healthcare sector through the PMT Health cluster. This cluster brings together industrial enterprises, research laboratories, and academia in the field of healthcare.

PMT ASD: Aerospace-Defense

The Aerospace-Defense (ASD) sector represents a crucial pillar of the regional economy, with a dynamic network of SMEs contributing to the entire supply chain. The expertise of these actors is widely recognized and extends to most programs of major aircraft manufacturers.

Actions and Benefits of Membership

By joining PMT Innovation, GxpManager becomes part of a dynamic community comprising over 240 regional industrial enterprises. This membership grants privileged access to a network focused on innovation and economic development.

GxpManager takes a significant step forward to extend its support to a wider range of businesses in their digital transformation. This membership will assist actors in the healthcare and aerospace-defense sectors in digitizing their processes while ensuring compliance with regulations. Offering packaged and customized solutions, GxpManager is positioned to specifically address the needs of these industries, effectively guiding them through their transition to digital environments.

With our Quality Management System, Risk Analysis for medical devices, Access Management, business process digitalization, and elimination of paper forms and spreadsheets, GxpManager facilitates the digital transition of enterprises. Our packaged, customized, or bespoke solutions are designed to specifically meet the needs, supporting the evolution of businesses into the digital world.


GxpManager’s membership in PMT Innovation represents an exceptional opportunity to collaborate within an industrial innovation community and benefit from resources dedicated to growth. Joining PMT Innovation means engaging in a dynamic of innovation and economic development, contributing to shaping the industry’s future in the region and, more broadly, across France.