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What’s New!

Action buttons

New powerful and easy to use feature. The “Action” button is available from the grids and forms.

visual of an action button

What are they?

The action buttons allow you to quickly enrich GxpManager with “business” actions launched at the request of users.

Until now, automatisms were available when a form was opened or closed, or triggered at regular intervals. Now, the user can trigger an operation when he or she deems it necessary. For example, the user can launch complex copy operations, or make links automatically.


What uses?

A training manager can automatically program a whole series of actions linked to a change of position for an employee: attach all the training associated with a workstation.

A quality manager can automatically launch all the actions associated with CAPA.

A sales manager can copy a complete estimate with all its estimate lines from a standard estimate or for a renewal of services.

Other news

What's New!
Release 6.1

On this page you will find the main features of the No Code Low Code platform in its version 6.1.

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What's New!
Enhanced Multi-project mode

This mode allows, by configuring only one application, to have a set of data specific to each project.

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